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The graceful, beautiful, and elegant slap battle of the historied Tsubakikoji ladies has emerged.

Your swipe becomes the face slap to your foes!


This is the stylish, tremendous and gorgeous traditional duel of the historied Tsubakikoji family that has been run for ages.

Reiko married Shunsuke who’s from the Tsubakikoji family.

But the very next day, Shunsuke passed away.


Tsubakikoji family starts to torment and bully Reiko.

She has had enough. One day, she declared war against the family.


“I, Reiko, the wife of the oldest son Shunsuke, will inherit everything Tsubakikoji family owns,” said Reiko.

With the rose Shunsuke gave her in her heart, she stood up for the duel against the family….


The battle is fabulously simple.

When the brilliant meter shown on the top left of the screen shows the turn for “rose”, you can swipe your flawless fingers against your foes’ cheeks to slap them.

But when the meter shows the turn for “camellia”, your foes will slap you. You can avoid them by swiping left to right, which is the opposite from when you’re slapping them.


The distance, speed, and accuracy of your remarkable swipe determine the strength of your magnificent slap.

When your foes are trying to slap you, you must look closely to their movements and swipe accurately to avoid them.

Teach Kazoku family a lesson with your soulful face slap!


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